Frequently Asked Questions

The U.S. WellNet
  • What is the WellNet?

    This is a one-stop clearinghouse on health and wellness information vetted by responsible subject matter experts in finance, nutrition, fitness, healthcare... every topic we post about.  AND we post references for offerings derived, even in part, from someone else.  We're not looking for recognition; we're looking to share and educate.
  • How can WellNet Info help me?

    The wealth of health and wellness information available on the Internet is mind-blowing.  So is the amount of bogus or misleading information.  This is the premise behind creating the WellNet in the first place - to put a filter to the weed out less credible information and provide a level of quality control not exercised at many other sites.  The education you can gain from U.S. WellNet resources can help you set and meet health and wellness goals:  losing weight, improving chronic disease self-management (CDSM) efforts, learning new activities and hobbies, and so much more.  The possibilities are nearly endless. 
  • Why are there so many topics?

    There are almost no limits on the different possible topics relating to health and wellness.  To avoid having an endless list, we developed frameworks in which to organize information:  the Health & Wellness Blog and The Health Highway.  We also produce a weekly snapshot of health and wellness topics (The Weekly Roadmap) that groups timely topics in a single product.  Some resources are considered premium content and are available only by our low-rate annual subscription.

The Health  Highway:
  • Why a "Health Highway"?

    The journey is toward better health, improved quality of life, saving money, and so much more.  Using cross-country travel as a metaphorical backdrop, the Health Highway maps out Exits, Rest Areas, Side Streets, and more (keeping the travel theme, naturally) to offer useful information, resources, relevant topics of discussion, webinars, etc.  This is an open invitation to travel with us – and it’s as simple as signing up with your email.      
  • What does "member" or "registered guest" mean?

    There are two highways to take: the open road offers relevant articles and information compiled by healthcare providers, patient educators, researchers, authoritative agencies, and other experts.  This open-access content is available to all users, we just ask you register with your email so we can notify you of information you wish to hear about - which you can always opt-out; the toll-road offers additional information, resources, and learning opportunities (such as live and recorded webinars) for an inexpensive annual membership.      

  • Why is there premium content and why is a paid membership required  too access it?

    Materials only available in the Health Highway Member Portal are more in-depth journeys through the broader Health Highway topics introduced in their respective exits.  The level of detail goes beyond general information.

    The small  subscription fee helps cover the cost of hosting and maintaining the site as well as the additional costs associated with that premium content.  The value added by updated content from subject matter experts and licensed providers is available for less than a cup of coffee per month.