Health Highway:

Your personal journey toward better health and a higher quality of life.  Subscription-only content marked   

  • Exit 1A and 1B: Setting Goals

    Setting goals and navigating obstacles (parts 1 and 2). We talk about the basics upon which most everything is based: communication; planning; behavior change. We examine useful tools and methods to accomplish these things.
  • Exit 2: Stress Management

    Stress Management.  Let's talk about getting motivated, dealing with what's coming at us, and more.  We also take a look at PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support).
  • Exit 3 Better Sleep

    Better Sleep for Better Health.  Sleep is a key contributor to better overall health.


  • Exit 4A and 4B: Chronic Pain

    Dealing with Chronic Pain: We recognize the impact of chronic pain and examine coping skills
    Eating for Pain: A deeper dive into diet's impact on pain conditions.
  • Exit 4A and 4B: Chronic PainDealing with Chronic Pain:  We recognize the impact of chronic pain and examine coping skills
    Eating for Pain:  A deeper dive into diet's impact on pain conditions

  • Exit 5: Coping with Chronic Disease

    Coping with Chronic Disease.  Chronic single or co-morbidities present challenges for patients and loved ones. This begins the conversation that is explored in detail in the Self-Management Series.


  • Exit 6: Food, Glorious Food!
    Sneaking in the nutrition.  Gaining understanding of nutrition, content and terms.  

  • Exit 7: Smoking
    Making Better Health Choices.  Smoking effects more than just the lungs.  Discussion covers tips for quitting / reducing tobacco use.  We also look at how smoking negatively effects conditions like chronic pain.

  • Exit 8: The Replacements
    Baby Steps to Better Choices.  Change doesn't have to occur overnight.  In face, such change is usually short-lived (like the lifespan of a New Year's Resolution).  Making small, positive changes can make profound and lasting impact to your overall health.

  • Exit 9:  Getting Active
    Getting Active.  And staying active for more than one day in a row.  Yes, it can be done.


    Chronic Disease Discussions
  • Diabetes

    Our discussion on Diabetes covers many areas: adjustments for the newly diagnosed; impact of weight loss and exercise; diet challenges; navigating the holidays; and, avoiding Diabetes in the first place.

    Rest Areas (go ahead, enjoy)
  • Heading Outdoors

    Hiking, camping, and fun in the sun.

  • Gardening Fun

    Playing in the dirt... for adults.
  • Working Out

    Starting a fitness program, going to the next level, or training for a specific goal
  • Game Night

    Fun with board games, cards, etc. 
  • Basketball
    Skills, drills, discussions and more

  • Baseball

    Fun on the diamond and discussions