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Dec 06

Safely Celebrating the Holidays

Posted by Scott  filed under Safety

“Change as a constant” and “new normal” are buzz phrases which became reality for many as rules shifted and regular daily life became anything but regular.  Thankfully, the Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Year’s window for some down time and stress reduction is almost here – if we get to enjoy it.

Controlling what we can while acknowledging what we cannot is vital to balancing our way through.  With some planning and a little creativity, time-honored traditions like a holiday party can still be respected and provide a much-needed lift to everyone.

Instead of an event that brings everyone into a single home or location, host a virtual event that brings everyone into everyone else’s – even if only for a shorter time.  Dedicate the time to share how much everyone matters and offer some encouragement, especially if work tempo or family stress has been excessive due to COVID-19.

Here some recommendations for the virtual holiday celebration:

  • Party games (no, I am not in the wrong blog article):  There are virtual game generating Websites, ways to do trivia via the chat feature, and even drinking games (no risk for DUI if everyone is already home…) that can be done remotely.  For some ideas, check out this article about it or Google other ideas.
  • Sing along and caroling.  Be sure to record this if you are the host – it will seem completely different when sober.
  • Two truths and a lie.  Get a couple of creative volunteers to come up with the stories and have everyone guess.
  • Arrange in advance for everyone to have a small token or gift to open and do it simultaneously.
  • Give everyone an opportunity to share something not work-related:  what they are thankful for (other than the token or gift); a joke or funny story; plans or goals

If online is not possible, ensure family members and friends know how much they mean to you.  Make time and take time to connect personally, in small group discussions or one-on-one.  Likewise, if you are the boss, remember to connect with you team or staff members.

  • A hand-written (no Rx writing, Docs) letter or card still goes a long way, especially in the computer and smartphone age. 
  • A bonus, gift card, or a non-monetary gift can be the kind of gesture that makes the difference for a colleague.  Reallocate the funds that would have gone to the office party.

We hope this provides inspiration for you.  Whatever your family decides to do this year, we hope you, your family, and all you care for stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season.